The basic methods of nail

The main ways of nail extension, how to increase the nails

You first need to bring the nails in order — no matter what You going to do with them — manicure and invigorating procedure is very important. You should make a bath for strengthening the nail plate and push back (not cut!) cuticle. To facilitate this procedure, use special tools and remember that cutting the cuticle is fraught with unpleasant consequences. Buff the nails, sawed them…Now you can start the process of building. To do this, first put under the nail plate a stencil, then cover it with the nail liquid acrylic, try not to touch the skin, remove the stencil, fix the result of a special tool.

Needless to say, that Your nails will not stop growing after extension, it is therefore necessary periodically, as they regrowth, cover them at the base with a thin layer of acrylic resin. Acrylic nails also need care if they too “grow”, you can shorten them with nail file. However, the acrylic there are also disadvantages: nails acrylic can not be done constantly — deteriorating structure of the nail, in addition, contained in an acrylic coating chemicals can cause allergies, and in the case of loose fitting of the artificial nail to the natural may develop mycosis (fungi).

In addition to acrylic, there are other means of nails , one of them is the so-called “living polymer”, or Biogel. It is a breathable coating, its structure resembles a real nail, moreover, due to the content of protein, strengthening of nails by Biogel, although it has its own pitfalls — such nails do not look very natural in the case of faulty material too quickly turn yellow, so they must be constantly painted.

Another way of escalating of nails, although very expensive, but quite effective — light-curing resin, the same kind used in dentistry is the safest way. These nails look natural.

Of course, to nail, to remove them it is best to turn to professionals working in the salon. By the way, in this case, the removal of the nails You would do for free.



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